Artist Statement

Regardless of whether an individual piece reads as landscape, figurative, or abstract, the subject of my work is always the same: Life Itself.  When I start a new piece, I choose not  to visualize precisely how the finished piece will look or to control its journey to completion. Rather, I focus my thought in the area of one of my open-ended, idea-based painting series, select a way to start the piece, and begin. I work intuitively - listening for direction from the voice within and from the work itself. As an individual piece progresses, I allow it to develop between more or less abstraction until it reaches a stage where it feels complete. With internal imagery that has been shaped from years of painting and sketching on location and from life, the majority of my finished pieces tend to read as interpretive landscape or figurative works, rather than as non-objective abstractions. It is always easier for me to sense a direction I do not want to travel with a particular piece than to accurately predict the attributes it will possess as a finished work.


I have learned to trust the creative process. When a particular work arrives at its destination, I will know it is done - but not one moment earlier. Rather than firmly delineating and enclosing individual shapes as the work develops, I search for the least restrictive representation of my concept. As I add my marks to a work, I hope to discover the interplay between foreground and background that will best suggest perpetual movement. The highly activated, energetic surface that results may then imply the totality of Life - universal Oneness. By retaining remnants of earlier stages in a piece, I reveal bits of its evolution and share some of its history. My creative process involves many different layers of media which I apply using both additive and subtractive methods. The finished piece also incorporates layers of meaning as it speaks from and to a variety of translations and interpretations. Hopefully, as one of my works is viewed, its journey toward a greater sense of unity will continue - within the Mind’s eye of the observer.